What To Check For After A Roof Installation

Jan 4, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

There are many roof installation services in the greater Wylie area. Effective roof installers will provide roofing installation with a roof that doesn’t leak, is properly ventilated, and has no mold or mildew growth.

There are several signs homeowners should be on the lookout for after installing a roof to identify if they received good service or not. Keep reading to learn more about it.

What To Check For After A Roof Installation

A professional and competent roofing contractor keeps a house’s beauty and integrity while installing a good roof by following strict safety measures. Some of them rush, resulting in numerous future difficulties that might harm the entire property.

After the roofers have completed their task, homeowners may feel unprepared and ineffective in checking for quality. That’s why we’re here to guide you on how to detect a poor job.

Proper Sheathing

Roofers should install the roof sheathing with care and precision. The roofing nails will pull through the roof decking over time if it’s not. This is due to the lack of underlayment or improper roofing installation, which can easily lead to ice dams in winter and water infiltration during rains.

Proper Flashings

Flashings are metal roofing components that prevent water from getting between dissimilar roof materials. A single flashing is responsible for connecting two roof planes at a roof’s intersection, like one inside wall to another or an exterior wall and roof edge.

If it ends up missing, you’ll see water stains on your interior walls or ceilings. You might also find roofing nails popping out of the sheathing or shingles, as these are common indicators that improper flashings were installed.

Quality Roof ventilation

A roof needs to be properly ventilated to allow moisture and heat to escape. If it’s not, the roof will become damp, and the roof decking, insulation, and ceilings will suffer damage.

Poor roof ventilation is often caused by insufficient roof intake vents, blocked roof exhaust vents, or improper roof flashing around roof vents. As a result, you may see black mold or mildew growth on your roof or in the attic.

Shingles and Underlayment

When it comes to replacing roofs, contractors should pay close attention in states prone to winter. A protective underlayment covering should be used between the shingle and sheath to prevent ice dams from forming. Snow can build up on the roof, causing an ice dam. When snow refreezes or melts, this happens rather frequently.

Check to see whether the protective underlayment is properly installed to prevent water and ice from accumulating at the roofline, forcing water to flow beneath the shingles.

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