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Does your roof need repair? Please don’t delay; contact us right now for an affordable quote. We’re experts in repairing all types of roofs anywhere in Dallas. Our residential roof repair services will assess your roof and give you a full report of the damage and work required to fix the roof.

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World-Class Quality


Affordable Residential Roof Repair


Free Residential Roof Repair


Our No-Nonsense Repair Warranty

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PK Renovation is one of the area's top renovation and siding installation companies.
Contact us for a free quotation if you need siding installation, repair or maintenance done.

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World-Class Quality

We work with leading roofing manufacturing brands, carrying a range of premium roofing solutions available at an affordable cost.
Our roofing experts and technicians have decades of experience identifying problems in your roof and the solutions required to fix them.
We know everything there is to know about roofs, and we’ll restore your roof to its original conditions, extending its service life.

Free Residential Roof Inspections

If you think there’s damage to your roof, contact our service center right away. We’ll send a mobile team to your residence for a professional assessment.

Affordable Residential Roof Repairs

Roof repairs can become costly, depending on the damage or issues involved. When you hire us, you get a team of ethical, honest, and reliable contractors. We believe in providing our clients with quotes they can trust, with no hidden costs.
When we finish assessing the damage or repair work needed for your roof, we’ll issue you with an estimate. Our team will go through our quote with you to ensure you understand all the work involved in the repair project.

Our No-Nonsense Repair Warranty

When we repair a roof, we leave you with a warranty on your work. If you experience any problems with the repair, contact us, and we’ll send someone out to inspect the work and fix it for free.

Our Services

Siding Installation

Adding siding to your home is a fast and affordable way to improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its valuation.

Skylight Installation

Our skylight services offer you installations in any residential or commercial application

Residential Roof Repair

We work with leading roofing manufacturing brands, carrying a range of premium roofing solutions available at an affordable cost.

Residential Roof Replacement

Our experienced roofing assessors are ready to assist

Storm Damage Repair

We offer residents and business owners a comprehensive storm damage restoration service 

Residential Roof Installation

We offer a range of high-quality roofing solutions to suit the style and theme of any home

Residential Roof Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive residential roofing inspection and maintenance service

Metal Roofing

We have in-depth knowledge of choosing the right roofing system for your property

Which Areas in Dallas Do We Service?

We offer roof repairs across the city of Dallas and surrounding areas. Contact our service center and book your roof inspection in any of the following areas.



Farmers Branch

Flower Mound








Contact PK Renovation for a free quotation: we’ll do everything else!