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Residential Roof Repair

A solid and durable roof over your head is essential for the safety and well-being of you and your family/housemates. It’s also necessary to regularly repair your roof to solidify the structural stability of your house.

We have professionals with decades of experience repairing all types of roofs throughout Dallas, TX. Our residential roof repair service members will assess your roof and give you a full report of the existing damage, the work required, and an affordable quote.

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Residential Roof Repair In DFW

Residential roof repair services in DFW are more critical than you’d think. Because Texas is generally a state known for its hot summers and seasons, you’d expect your roof to be less susceptible to damage. However, that’s not the case at all.

The Dallas-Fort Worth climate is humid subtropical with blazing hot summers. Humidity significantly affects the components typically used to make up a house’s roof structure (deck and trusses, usually made from wood). Many residents living inside the DFW face molding and rotting issues with their roofs due to the high humidity. Over time, humidity can weaken the structural integrity of your roof.

Moreover, the hot summer heat also damages your roof. Not only does the heat cause your roof to expand, but also causes shingles to become cracked. Your roof’s shingles baking in the heat may very well be the reason why your floor is so hot.

Regardless of DFW’s general hot climate, It’s not impossible to see rough winters anymore. In February 2021, 3 inches of snow fell, and the temperature remained around freezing or below for almost ten days. Thus, proving that snow and freezing temperatures in Dallas-Fort Worth aren’t impossible.


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World-Class Quality

Pkrenovation is gradually becoming a leading installer of residential roofing systems in Dallas, TX. We work with leading roofing manufacturing brands, carrying a range of premium roofing solutions available at an affordable cost.

Our roofing experts and technicians have decades of experience identifying problems in your roof and the solutions required to fix them. Moreover, our team is dedicated to providing the highest-quality roofing systems and top-tier service that can compare to the best roofing companies in the US. 

Rest assured, you can expect the best quality roofing service in Dallas, TX – for the price you pay. We know everything there is to know about roofs, and we’ll restore your roof to its original condition while guaranteeing an extended service life.

Free Residential Roof Inspections

We provide free residential roof inspections! If you think there’s damage to your roof, don’t hesitate to contact our service center immediately. Once you contact us, we’ll send one of our mobile team to your residence for a professional assessment.

Once our team assesses your roof, they will provide you with a quote based on the damage and repair required. Moving forward, it’ll be up to you whether you’d like to continue with our service.


Affordable Residential Roof Repairs

Roof repairs can become costly, depending on the damage or issues involved. Many roofing companies give their clients unrealistic quotes or charge unnecessarily high prices. 

Due to this reason, a lot of individuals are hesitant about opting for roof repair services to fix their damaged roofs. Instead, they procrastinate or delay the repair, which makes the roof accumulate more damage in the long run — having to rebuild the roof entirely.

With Pkrenovation, you get a team of ethical, honest, and reliable contractors. We believe in providing our clients with quotes they can trust, with no hidden costs.Once we assess the damage or repair work needed for your roof, we’ll issue you an estimate. Our team will go through our quote step-by-step with you to ensure you understand all the work involved in the repair project.

Our No-Nonsense Repair Warranty

Let’s face it; you wouldn’t want to get your residence’s roof repaired only for it to be damaged soon after. This is why it’s crucial to ensure that the roofing service you choose to move forward with provides a service warranty for any kind of repair work. 

When Pkrenovation repairs your roof, the workers leave you with a warranty on the work. So If you experience any problems with the repair, you can contact our service center immediately. Once you reach out to us, we’ll send a team to your residence to inspect and fix the issue for free.

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Which Areas in Dallas Do We Service?

We offer roof repairs across the city of Dallas and surrounding areas. Contact our service center and book your roof inspection in any of the following areas.


How often should I service my roof?

Investing in roof maintenance goes a long way in terms of longevity. You will only increase the total lifespan of your roof by regularly servicing it.
As per the National Roofing Contractors Association’s recommendations, check your roof at least twice of year—fall and spring when the weather tends to be milder—to help spot any problems.

Can my roof be repaired, or does it need to be replaced?

Your roof can both be repaired and replaced depending on the degree of existing damage. It’s best to get a free inspection & estimate to understand your roof’s current state.

Suppose your roof is very old (20-30 years) with widespread issues such as significant amounts of leaks & cracks. In that case, it’s best to get it replaced entirely. However, if your roof is not as old and you’re experiencing more minor problems, you can just get your roof repaired.

What are some signs that my roof/roofing system is damaged?

Some common signs that your roof or roofing system is damaged are:

  • A collection of granules (visible in the gutters)
  • Deteriorated flashings & loose seams
  • Leaky/Clogged Gutters 
  • Damaged/Missing Shingles 
  • Water Damage on the Walls or Ceilings
  • Discolored/Cracked interior drywall
  • Problems in your Attic
  • Rain/Hail damage

What are some signs that my roof needs replacement?

Some common signs that you need to replace your roof are:

  • Your roof is 20+ years old
  • Several leaks/Water dripping through your roof
  • Your roof is sagging
  • Water stains/Mold in Attic
  • Multiple cracks and crevices 
  • Shingles are curved, cupped, loose, or missing

Can I replace half of my roof?

You can replace half of your roof, although roofing experts suggest you don’t do so. Although you may think replacing half of a damaged roof instead of the entire roof is saving you time and money — half roof replacement causes more harm and expenses in the long run.

Some of the disadvantages of replacing half of your roof include durability and lifespan clashes with the other half, leaking, insurance issues, etc.

How much will it cost to fix my roof?

The cost of repairing your roof or installing a new one heavily depends on the size and pitch of your roof, the type of material we’ll use, and the current condition of your roof. There are more factors to consider, such as the current market costs and the number of shingle layers.

The best way to find out the exact cost is to get a free estimate from us. Once you contact us, we’ll send one of our mobile team to your residence for a professional assessment.

Our mobile team will provide you with a specific quote based on your roof’s damage and repair. Moving forward, it’ll be up to you whether you’d like to continue with our service.

How long would it take to repair my roof?

How long it takes to repair your roof depends on the size of the project. Roof repairs can take as little as a few hours up to an entire day or two, depending on the extent of the damage. 

A good contractor should give you an accurate estimate of how long your roof repair project may take. Generally speaking, our roofing experts can replace the roof of a single-family home in one day.

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