The Core Basics You’ll Need For Skylight Installation

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Installing Skylights? The Core Basics You’ll Need

Installing skylights in your home can transform the space into a more natural, bright environment. Skylights are an excellent way to increase natural light in your home and provide you with fresh air too. Before getting skylight installation services, there are some things you need to know about what it takes to install them correctly. 

This blog post will cover the skylight installation process, and all the basics you need to know.

How To Install Skylights – The Process

1- Check Local Requirements First 

Before beginning, every project, local codes regarding the removal of structural fragments have to be checked. Determining what type of requirements fit the type of framing you need is important to successfully install your skylight.

2- Choose The Right Skylight For Your Roof

First, you need to plan out the space where your skylight will be. Be sure the skylight you choose is the indicated one for the pitch of the roof where it will be installed. The skylight has to fit in specifications, for proper water evacuation. If the pitch of the roof is below a 3:12 ratio, a curb-mounted skylight is your best fit. If the pitch of the roof is above 3:12, a deck-mounted skylight is recommended. 

3- Mark The Rafters 

For proper water evacuation, choose the right skylight. Once the location where the skylight will be installed, rafters have to be located and marked to create an opening. 

4- Create Skylight Opening 

 For this step, the wall has to be cut from the interior, following the marks that were previously made. This part is meant to expose the inside of the ceiling to remove all layers before framing the skylight. 

5- Framing

Using the dimensions from the skylight opening, screws have to be placed into each of the corners of the opening. The purpose of this step is to be able to see the screws on the roof and to be able to place the skylight properly. 

6- Remove Shingles & Cut The Opening

All shingles that are inside the outline should be removed.  The outline is a guide to cut the opening properly.

7- Install the Skylight 

All previous steps provide an easy installation. In addition to placing the skylight, ice and water shields have to be installed.  

Precise Skylight Installations: PK Renovation Dallas, TX

Skylights services consist of a number of steps that can be complicated if not done correctly or with expertise. They require special techniques and tools in order to ensure maximum durability for years after they’re installed. For this reason alone, we recommend hiring professionals for the job. If you want your spaces to be brighter and full of natural light, consider installing a skylight! 

If you are looking for skylight companies in Dallas, TX, PK Renovation is here to help! We will guarantee your home will become a brighter space! 


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