How Long Is A Standard Roof’s Warranty?

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A typical roof warranty is usually 20 years. However, many factors determine the length of a standard roof’s warranty. Keep reading to find out more.

The cost of replacing a roof is on the higher end for the typical homeowner. Although this investment varies depending on the markets, materials, and other factors, it’s unquestionably one that you shouldn’t take lightly. The roofing warranty should receive special attention since it can significantly affect the long-term functioning of your roof and your possible return on investment when it comes time to sell your property.

But what exactly do roofing warranties cover, and how can you be sure you’re receiving the most excellent protection? Let’s find out.

A Standard Roof’s Warranty

There are typically two different warranties involved when your roof is warranted. The roofing material from the manufacturer, which offers a warranty against material defects, is included in these two roofing warranties. A workmanship warranty is part of the second warranty. The two warranties work together to cover different aspects of your roof.

Let’s examine roofing warranties in more detail regarding roofing material vs. workmanship.

Roofing Material Warranty

One of the most typical roofing warranties that homeowners may find is a roofing material warranty. As the name suggests, this kind of warranty is issued for the material used for the roofing. For example, if the shingles used for your roof are flawed, you will be protected by this warranty. This guarantee is provided for roughly 20 years and sometimes more.

Although it is crucial to include a roofing material guarantee with a new roof, it may not always be sufficient to cover all of the roofing components. Remember that your roof is designed as a system with numerous functional components in addition to the shingles.

Moreover, even if you have guaranteed protection for your roofing materials, it could only cover the cost of the replacement parts. As a result, you would have to pay for the roofing.

Roofing Workmanship Warranty

The quality of the labor and installation plays a significant role in roofing. Even the most excellent roofing might fail to work if it is not installed by a qualified expert with proper time and assurance. For this reason, you should go for a roofing service that provides both a material and workmanship guarantee.

A standard roof’s warranty covers the labor and installation. It effectively functions as a guarantee, assuring customers that the roofing contractor stands behind their work and will ensure performance for many years.

The phrase “lifetime” for a roofing guarantee might be tricky, though. A widespread misunderstanding is that “lifetime” refers to a whole lifespan. Many times this is not the case. Some roofing businesses limit their lifetime to just five years. Given that an asphalt roof typically lasts 25 years, it’s critical to pick a warranty that provides sufficient coverage throughout its lifespan.

Lifetime will often vary between manufacturers to climate and roofing material. That being said, the average roof expectancy of roofing materials in Texas tends to have longer lifespans than in other states. Asphalt shingles often provide a large amount of covering and protection for the home and are resilient to many different sorts of weather, so it’d be wise to opt for them.


A Standard Roof's Warranty

What’s A Standard Roof’s Warranty?

The best roofing warranties offer ten or more years of coverage on workmanship. And non-prorated periods of 25 years or more on materials and 20% or more prorated periods on materials are transferable to subsequent homeowners. However, the various coverage aspects of a roofing warranty will be more advantageous to you, depending on your specific needs and circumstances.

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