Siding Installation in Plano

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Siding installation is a home maintenance job that needs to be done at least once every year. Weather, wear, and tear can give the outside of any house a good beating. For most people, it’s not a DIY job, and siding installation will need a professional team.

Are you planning on installing some siding at your home? Why do it yourself when you can have our
professional service help you with your home improvement project? PK Renovation is one of the area’s top renovation and siding installation companies.
Contact us for a free quotation if you need siding installation, repair or maintenance done.

Why Choose Us for Siding Installation in Plano?

  • We’re reliable and consistent, and we work around your schedule.
  • We offer customized siding solutions to suit any residential property.
  • We provide specialized services for installing all siding types.
  • Our team of experts has decades of experience in siding installations.
  • We’re a locally-owned business servicing the community of Plano.

Preparing for Siding Installation

We’re a top professional renovation team, and we’re one of the best companies to call if you need help with local siding installation and repair.

If you have booked siding installation with our team, here’s how to prepare for our appointment:

  • Clear the Driveway: We’ll need access to the driveway so that our team can transport the necessary materials in and out. Clear any obstructions out of the driveway, and you’ll make our job a lot easier and faster.
  • Prepare for Noise: Siding installation is a noisy job. While we try to work as fast as possible, there is still a certain noise level associated with doing it! Get headphones out, or blast your favorite music while we work.

  • Clear Loose Items: Siding installation can create vibrations and impact on the opposite side: the inside walls. Clear loose and fragile items away from the wall (especially ones attached to the wall) before installing siding to prevent accidents.
  • Clear the Space: Falling debris and power tools are part of siding installation. For your safety, it’s best to clear out the space while our experts get to work. Ensure there are no animals or children around the site and don’t stand close to the site yourself!
  • Check Outlets & Access: Our team will need access to at least one to two power outlets for power tools and equipment.  While we bring our gear, we’ll need to request access to the plugin!

Fast and Affordable Siding Installation in Plano

Adding siding to your home is a fast and affordable way to improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its valuation.
We offer you a range of siding options to suit any home, with professional fitment and installation. Our services come with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you get a result that exceeds your expectations.

Choose the Best Materials

PK Renovation prides itself on using only the best, high-quality material for siding installation. We’ll let you choose from a list of durable siding materials that are guaranteed to last.

We use only the best:

  • Pine
  • Cedar
  • Composite
  • Wood Strips
  • Board & Batten
  • Shingles

Siding Installation in Plano

We offer all siding materials for your home. Contact us for expert advice on choosing the right material for your home and your budget. Our expert consultants will walk you through everything you need to select the right siding material to suit your application.

Some of the siding materials we have on offer include the following.

  • Insulated Vinyl Siding
  • Wooden Siding
  • Fiber Cement Siding
  • Louisiana Pacific Siding
  • Soffit and Fascia Installation

We only work with premium manufacturing brands, ensuring you get the highest quality materials, offering you extended service life.

Quality, Strength, and Look

We focus on the essential attributes of the material we use. Quality, strength, and look matter when replacing the siding outside your home. Some of the siding materials we have on offer include the following.


We choose our siding materials based on the quality and source our siding material from the best providers in the world to guarantee high-quality results.


Material strength is a top priority. All our siding installations are guaranteed to last longer than anything you have right now.


Professional siding has to look good, too. PK Renovation makes sure to do a great job – every time. It’s why we’re one of the best companies for local siding installation!

Which Areas in Dallas Do We Service?

We provide siding installations across the city of Dallas in the following locations








Farmers Branch



Flower Mound








Contact PK Renovation for a free quotation: we’ll do everything else!