Is Roof Maintenance Worth Investing In?

Sep 20, 2021 | Roof Maintenance

Is Roof Maintenance Worth Investing In?

Is Roof Maintenance Worth Investing In?

Your roof should last your home anywhere from 25 to 50-years, depending on the quality of the materials and installation. However, every roof eventually requires replacement. To prolong its service life and put off a costly early replacement, homeowners must ensure they complete seasonal maintenance.

Failing to maintain your roof could result in shorter service life or premature collapse that voids your warranty. So, is roof maintenance worth investing in? Here are a few reasons why you should conduct seasonal inspections and service of your roof.

Extend the Service Life of Your Roof

A proper maintenance plan for your roof extends its service life. According to professional roofing contractors, seasonal inspections and maintenance can add as much as seven to eight years to the service life of your roof.

An unmaintained roof has an average lifespan of 13-years, while a properly maintained roof lasts 21-years. Over 80% of all roof replacements occur because of a lack of seasonal maintenance to the structure.

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Stop Small Issues Becoming Big Problems

Conducting seasonal maintenance on your roof ensures that your catch small problems before they turn into big issues. Leaving small problems to fester eventually leads to a costly roof replacement. A professional roof inspection and maintenance service can identify problem areas that could turn into expensive problems. By the time the average homeowner detects a leak in their roof, water damage is present due to the entry through the roof and penetration of the insulation, leading to a ceiling stain. By this time, mold is growing, and a health crisis is spreading through your home.


Protect Your Warranty

While roofs come with a warranty on installation and materials, it requires the homeowner to take reasonable care and maintenance of the roof.

If the company can prove you neglected your roof, they may refuse to honor your warranty when you file a claim.


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