How to Detect You Need Roof Replacement

Sep 20, 2021 | Roof Replacement

How to Detect You Need Roof Replacement

How to Detect You Need Roof Replacement

With hurricane and storm season in full force across the United States, it’s time to inspect your roof. A damaged roof compromises the structural integrity of your home, and it could result in potential collapse.
Here are the signs that you need a new roof.

Water Damage

If you have water stains on your ceiling boards or down the walls, it could e a sign of a leak. Leaks can result in rot and severe damage to the roof structure.

Moss and Mold Growth

If water enters the roof or gets between the tiles, it leads to moss growth, which damages the roof’s shingles and sealing. If mold enters the roof, the spores could spread throughout your home, causing a health issue.

Light Leaks

If you notice light leaks in the roof, it’s a sign that water can penetrate through the same area and damage the roof. These cracks and holes cause huge problems with water entry and wood rot in the roof.

Loose Tiles

If you have loose tiles and shingles on the roof, it’s a sign that the structure is beginning to fail.

Ridge and Roof Sagging

If the roof sides or the ridgeline starts to sag, it’s a critical situation for your home. Failing to fix the sag eventually results in the collapse of the roof.

Damaged or Perished Flashing

Loose and damaged or perished flashing allows water intrusion into the roof.

Aging Structure

If you have a shingle-style roof that’s older than 20-years, it’s time to look at replacing it.

Falling Mortar

Older roofs use mortar for bedding the tiles. When the mortar starts to break away and fall from the roof, it’s a sign you need a replacement.

Underlay Rot

If water penetrates the roofing system, it gets into the underlay, where it causes rot, damaging the roof’s structural integrity.

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