Hip Vs Gable Roof – What’s The Difference?

Aug 24, 2021 | Uncategorized

Hip Vs Gable Roof – What’s The Difference?

Two of the most common roofing systems are the Hip and the Gable styles. Some homes incorporate the use of both the hip and gable in their design, but both are independent systems with specific purposes.
So, which roofing system should you choose for your home? This post unpacks the differences between the hip and the gable system. We’ll also make a recommendation on the best roof style for your property.

Hip Roofs

The hip roof features a minimum of four sloping sides meeting in a center ridge at the top of the roof. The roof sides typically have a lower gradient than the gable style, but that’s not always the case.
Hip roofs are suitable for areas prone to extreme weather and high winds. The low slope of the roof provides less surface area for the wind to push against.
The lack of gables on these roofing systems means that there is no flat area taking the brunt of the winds force.


hip roof design
gable roof 3d design

Gable Roofs

The gable roofing system features two sides meeting at a peaked ridge running the roof’s length. The wall sections meeting at the peak at either are known as “gables.”
Gable roofs are inexpensive and have a simpler design for new construction. The gable system suits use in areas with heavy snowfalls or rainstorms due to the higher slope of the roof causing rain and snow to run off instead of pooling.

Wrapping Up – Which Is the Better Choice for Your Home?

Homeowners in rainy climates will get better use from the gable design as it allows for the faster runaway of rain, and there’s less chance of snow settling on the roof, damaging the structure.
However, if you live in an area with high winds, a hip roof is the better choice. You get less chance of the wind taking your roof off into the sky.


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