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If you’re looking for premium commercial roof repair in Frisco, you’re in the right place! PK Renovation is a leading commercial roofing contractor serving businesses and organizations in and around Frisco for many years. We’re experts at repairing commercial roofs in Frisco.

Professional Commercial Roof Repair in Frisco

At PK Renovation, our fully licensed and insured crew is devoted to satisfying our clients and surpassing their expectations. We prioritize safety and security, and all our employees are extensively trained and highly experienced in fixing different types of commercial roofs.

As a locally-owned company, we recognize the unique climate in Texas. We are prepared to face difficult weather conditions, such as extremes of heat or cold, heavy rain, and strong winds. We always use the highest quality materials and advanced tools to guarantee accuracy for any job.

We can tackle commercial roof repair jobs of all shapes and sizes at PK Renovation. From minor and complex repairs, our team will ensure you receive the fastest and most effective results. As if that isn’t impressive enough, we also offer the fairest, most affordable prices and will always stay within your budget.

Rest assured that our prices are competitive, and we will always stay within your budget. Call us now for the finest commercial roof repair services in Frisco.

Frisco Commercial Roof Repair Suggestions

Commercial roof repair in Frisco is an essential service for business owners, as it helps to keep a building safe and structurally sound. With regular repairs and maintenance, your commercial roof in Frisco can last many years without significant issues!

Your roof is one of the most critical components of any structure, as it helps to keep out moisture, regulate temperatures, and provide protection from the elements. Whether caused by age, wear and tear, or a weather-related event, roof damage can quickly lead to other problems affecting your building’s structural stability and energy efficiency.

Factors to Consider Regarding Commercial Roof Repair – Frisco

There are various factors to consider regarding commercial roof repair in Frisco. Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

01. Hire Professionals

Hiring a professional commercial roofing contractor like PK Renovation ensures you get the best results. A good roofer will know the latest techniques and use suitable materials for your roof repair project. An experienced commercial roofer will also provide you with the best advice and have years of experience to guide your repair project.

02. Inspect Your Roof Regularly

Regular inspections are necessary to make sure your roof is in good condition. Use a ladder and look for signs of wear and tear. Identify any areas that require repair and take the necessary steps for commercial roof repair in Frisco.

03. Repair any existing damage

If there is any existing damage to your roof, it is essential to make the necessary repairs as quickly as possible. If the damage is extensive, it is best to hire a professional roofer to repair it.

04. Regularly Remove Debris

Regularly remove any debris from your roof, as it can interfere with the performance of your roof. Debris can also cause premature roof deterioration, so keeping your roof free of debris or dirt is essential.

05. Ventilate your roof

Proper ventilation is crucial for any commercial roof. Install vents on both roof sides to allow air to circulate correctly. This will help prevent the build-up of moisture that can lead to fungal growth.

Why Choose Our Commercial Roof Repair Services in Frisco?

World-Class Quality

Pkrenovation is a leading commercial roofing contractor in Dallas – Ft. Worth. We work with leading roofing manufacturing brands, carrying a range of premium roofing solutions available at an affordable cost.

Our roofing experts and technicians have decades of experience identifying problems in your roof and the solutions required to fix them. Moreover, our team is dedicated to providing the highest-quality roofing systems and top-tier service comparable to the best roofing companies in the US. 

Rest assured, you can expect the best quality roofing service in Frisco – for the price you pay. We know everything there is to know about roofs, and we’ll restore your roof to its original condition while guaranteeing an extended service life.

Free Commercial Roof Inspections in Frisco

We provide free commercial roof inspections! If you think there’s damage to your roof, don’t hesitate to contact our service center immediately. Once you contact us, we’ll send one of our mobile team to your residence for a professional assessment.

Once our team assesses your roof, they will provide you with a quote based on the damage and repair required. Moving forward, it’ll be up to you whether you’d like to continue with our service.

Affordable Commercial Roof Repair in Frisco

Commercial roof repairs can become costly, depending on the damage or issues involved. Many roofing companies give their clients unrealistic quotes or charge unnecessarily high prices. Due to this reason, a lot of individuals are hesitant about opting for roof repair services to fix their damaged roofs. Instead, they procrastinate or delay the repair, which makes the roof accumulate more damage in the long run — having to rebuild it entirely.

With Pkrenovation, you get a team of ethical, honest, and reliable contractors. We believe in providing our clients with quotes they can trust, with no hidden costs. Once we assess the damage or repair work needed for your roof, we’ll issue you an estimate. Our team will go through our quote step-by-step with you to ensure you understand all the work involved in the repair project.

Our No-Nonsense Repair Warranty

You wouldn’t want to get your commercial property’s roof repaired for it to be damaged soon after. This is why ensuring that the roofing service you choose provides a service warranty for any repair work is crucial. 

When PK Renovation repairs your roof, the workers leave you with a warranty on the work. So If you experience any problems with our commercial roof repair work, you can contact our service center immediately. Once you reach out to us, we’ll send a team to your property to inspect and fix the issue for free.

Examples Of Commercial Roof Repair Work Offered By Us

Commercial roof repair in Frisco can range from minor repairs, such as patching a small hole, to more involved repairs, such as replacing a roofing section. Here are a few examples of standard Frisco commercial roof repair work our roofers can handle for you.

Repairing Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are typically constructed with a rubber or tar and gravel membrane, and they are prone to damage from UV light, extreme temperatures, and heavy rain. To repair a flat roof, we remove and replace the damaged membrane. This includes removing the gravel, patching holes, and applying new membranes.

Repairing Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are often constructed with steel and are susceptible to corrosion, rust, and hail damage. The damaged area must be cleaned and repaired, and new metal must be applied. In such cases, we prevent corrosion by applying a sealant and removing rust using rust remover. Once we clean the area up, we apply new metal to the roof.

Repairing Shingle Roofs

Shingle roofs are typically constructed with asphalt shingles and are prone to wear and tear. The damaged areas must be identified and replaced to repair a shingle roof. This includes removing old shingles, patching holes, and applying new ones. In some cases, additional flashing may be necessary to prevent water from entering the structure.

Installing Roof Coverings

Many commercial roofs have a layer of roof covering installed for protection from the elements. If the roof covering has become damaged or worn away, we install a new layer to ensure the roof is protected from the elements.

Replacing Gutters
Gutters are essential for keeping water away from the foundation of the building. If the gutters become clogged or damaged, they must be replaced to keep water from the building.
Patching Roof Leaks
Patching roof leaks is another typical commercial roof repair job. We generally begin by finding the leak’s source, sealing it with a sealant, or patching the affected area with new material.

Which Areas in DFW Do We Service?

We provide roof maintenance across the city of Dallas in the following locations

Our Services

Siding Installation

Adding siding to your home is a fast and affordable way to improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its valuation.

Skylight Installation

Our skylight services offer you installations in any residential or commercial application

Residential Roof Repair

We work with leading roofing manufacturing brands, carrying a range of premium roofing solutions available at an affordable cost.

Residential Roof Replacement

Our experienced roofing assessors are ready to assist

Storm Damage Repair

We offer residents and business owners a comprehensive storm damage restoration service 

Residential Roof Installation

We offer a range of high-quality roofing solutions to suit the style and theme of any home

Residential Roof Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive residential roofing inspection and maintenance service

Metal Roofing

We have in-depth knowledge of choosing the right roofing system for your property


What types of Friscp roof repair services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of commercial roof repairs in Frisco, such as roof leak repair, coating and sealant repair, roofing repairs, and roof cleaning.

Are your roof repair services available in Frisco?

We offer commercial roof repair services in Frisco and the surrounding areas (Dallas – Ft. Worth).

How long will it take to repair my roof in Frisco?

The length of time it takes to repair your roof depends on the size and scope of the repair. However, most roof repairs take around one or two days to complete.

What kind of materials do you use for roof repairs in Frisco?

We use the highest quality roofing materials for all roof repair projects. This includes asphalt shingles, tiles, metal roofing, and other materials as needed. 

Can you fix a roof leak?

We can fix roof leaks as well as other roof damage.

Is there a warranty on your roof repair services?

We generally offer a one-year warranty on our roof repair services. However, it depends on the project.

Do you offer emergency roof repair services in Frisco?

We offer emergency roof repair services in Frisco. Please call our team for assistance.

What is the cost of commercial roof repair in Frisco?

The cost of repairing a commercial roof in Frisco depends on factors such as size, materials, and complexity of the repair. Call us for a free estimate.

Do you provide maintenance services for commercial roofs?

We offer maintenance services for commercial roofs in Frisco. This includes inspection and regular maintenance to keep your roof in good condition.

Can you repair roofs in all weather?

We offer emergency services to repair roofs in any weather condition. Our team is experienced in repairing roofs in all kinds of weather conditions.

Contact PK Renovation for a free quotation: we’ll do everything else!